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Info about Phantom Four - Children of the Grave:

The world is going to Hell in the year 2010, or is it?

Four brothers who go through an unfortunate "accident" reemerge 20 years later with no memory of their past or family. While they try to find out who they are, they discover that they must protect the citizens of New York City from the devils of the underworld. Hell has opened their gates wide, and NYC will experience inevitable doom, unless these heroes fight the overwhelming odds. Fortunately, they also discover they have amazing, god-like powers of darkness within their souls.

However, their gifts come with a horrible price.

Those powers are cursed, and they must deal with the curse in the most violent and sadistic way possible! Also, the darkness is growing inside them, turning them into true creatures of the night. And as they grow stronger, so does the curse! To make matters worse, they must hide all of this from their love interests. The brothers realize quickly that they will never be able to live a normal life, and that their girlfriends' lives are in danger just by being with them. However, those ladies hold a special place in their lives, for the loving hearts of their women are the only thing that is keeping them from going insane with rage.

With a forgotten past, a perilous future they were brought into against their will, and more tragic surprises that await them, life is extremely difficult for the brothers. Still, they are heroes, and now evil has something to fear. They must take the road no one has ever traveled, embark on this quest to discover their ultimate destiny, and eventually face the most legendary of evils...

And that is only the beginning!

This story contains unique personalities and detailed fight scenes for non-stop action. It also contains bone-chilling horror, hilarious comedy between the brothers, and plenty of mystery and suspense to keep you reading. Phantom Four is also a very romantic tale, as they each show their girlfriends just how special they are to them, while keeping the sad truth a secret from them. There are many heart-warming moments that might just make you cry. It contains adult language, violence and gore, and sexual content. It is not intended for children. There are no boring chapters. Once you start reading, you might not ever put the book down! Phantom Four is a riveting adventure that will keep you on the edge of excitement from start to finish.