Saturday, July 28, 2012

Velvet Sky, Divas revamp needed in WWE

I have watched WWE for a long time, and this past Monday, I watched the historic 1000th episode of Monday Night RAW. It was great to see Lita back, defeating Heath Slater. Ron Simmons was right... "DAMN" indeed! Lita still looked great and she is definitely missed by the fans. I then saw a interview featuring she and another great diva in Trish Stratus. When asked who would be the defining divas to take WWE to the future, they both had trouble answering the question. It then became clear that they don't believe any of the current divas can do it, and that it is still up in the air. To me, that spoke in volumes.

Here's a little history: The Divas division has been struggling for a long time. I believe it started not long after Mickie James was released after that horrible "Piggie James" storyline. Since then, the division has lost Michelle McCool, Maryse, Gail Kim, Melina, the Bella Twins, Maxine, and Kharma. Also, the Women's Championship became defunct. Needless to say, the Divas were hit hard. In addition, the Divas hardly ever get airtime on RAW or Smackdown, and when they do, it's usually for three minutes or less. It's usually one meaningless match in which one diva gets pinned by a schoolgirl roll-up in the blink of an eye. They are not given any real time to showcase their skills in the ring, which former WWE diva Maria Kanellis has publicly stated on more than one occasion. Also, the Divas title isn't taken seriously as it has been passed around through nearly every diva like a hot potato, and there are no storylines... at all. It is clear that the WWE has pretty much given up on them. Fans on Facebook even refer to their matches as "bathroom breaks." The girls deserve better than that.

There is hope for the Divas division to go in the right direction, and one way is for the WWE to hire Velvet Sky. The extremely popular and beautiful wrestler was released from Impact Wrestling (TNA) days ago. Having a great run with the Beautiful People and having undoubtedly the sexiest entrance in wrestling history, Velvet would do wonders for the WWE. Hardcore legend Mick Foley even said that she would be a great fit. Although, men everywhere might be a bit disappointed as now that WWE is PG-rated, I doubt they'll "let her pigeons loose" if she is hired. Still, she will draw more fans to the WWE. Recently, Angelina Love asked for her release from TNA as well. As great a wrestler she is, WWE would be smart to pick her up as well. A Beautiful People reunion in the WWE would boost ratings for sure. However, with the state of the Divas division, hiring them both will not be enough to save it, but it would greatly help.

I, Roger Wilson, am a published author who has been watching wrestling for many years, and have written short stories for many years. Many WWE fans feel that they could use some new writers, but I currently feel that the Divas need the most help right now. So if hired, I would focus on them first, followed by the Tag Team division and the struggling career of high-potential Drew McIntyre. But I digress, the WWE needs to give the Divas a reasonable amount of airtime. No more lightning-quick matches! I will create new storylines, character direction, new match types, and even exciting new finishing moves. Plus, I will make the division focus more on WWE's more talented Divas, like Beth Phoenix, Tamina Snuka, A.J. -- who has been taking WWE by storm, Eve Torres -- who has great potential, Layla, and the Diva who in my personal opinion is the best one they got right now... the underrated Natalya. Other divas like Kelly Kelly and Alicia Fox will need to improve in the ring. They do work hard, but they still noticibly botch moves, and Kelly in particular still can't run the ropes right. It's too noticable to be ignored. Let's see who really aspires to be their very best every single night.

In addition, I would get rid of that damn butterfly title! It looks silly, and can't be taken seriously. I would bring back the Women's Title, or create a brand new Divas Championship made of gold to look more prestigeous. Not just any Diva would get a title shot, either -- only girls who you know can deliver in the ring would get a title shot, guaranteeing a great match and building title prestige. Also, when was the last time you saw a Diva on the mic? Eve Torres and A.J. did, but that was for rivalries involving their male counterparts. If the WWE really wants to promote the Divas as "smart, sexy, and powerful," then they'll need to allow the girls to show it. With my suggestions and storylines, I can make that happen. If this is done, the fans will start to care about the girls again, and it could even trigger merchandise sales. Will they occasionally wrestle in bikinis or Halloween costumes? Of course. They are beautiful, and sex sells -- no getting around that. However, now they'll have a chance to showcase their talents as wrestlers, which Velvet and Angelina can fit right in with. Nikki and Brie Bella both had potential and showed some mic skills in their short rivalry with Kharma. Having a revamped Divas division may convince the lovely twins and other girls to come back.

Am I trying to sell my services to WWE? Yes. I honestly feel that I can revitalize the Divas division to be where it should be. But even if I'm not hired, it is clear that the WWE needs to do something fast with the Divas division, among other things. If not, more ladies will want to leave and it will eventually cease to exist. WWE would not be smart to miss out on an opportunity to generate even more profit. Internet sites are reporting that morale in the Divas' locker room is far down. The WWE should let their female talent know that they matter. They work too hard not to matter. The days of Lita and Trish Stratus are over, but they have encouraged the current divas to grab that brass ring. They can't do that however, if Vince and company doesn't give them a chance to.

Roger Wilson,
Author of "Phantom Four: Children of the Grave."

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More than halfway there

Roger Wilson has been working tirelessly and is currently more than halfway through the sequel, "Phantom Four: Dark Evolution." New villains be introduced, more action and romance, and it is already shaping up to be even better than the first. Stay tuned...